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At Simply Asset Finance we live what we love, and you benefit from our passion! We are the best in the business and we combine an extensive range of knowledge, skills, and strengths to make your financing journey transparent and straightforward.

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We pride ourselves on delivering tailored financial solutions to every customer. Our experts will combine their strategic and analytical experience, and knowledge to excel at customer-focused service. We employ the best and brightest in the industry to make us a standout services supplier to a wide range of customers.

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At Simply Asset Finance we will do a financial assessment to see how much you can borrow, advise on the different lenders, address any issues with your credit record, and then submit the loan application on your behalf.

This will depend on factors such as the amount of the loan and your credit rating, but if there are no issues an average loan will usually take from 3 to 4 days to be approved.

Generally we will need a driver’s licence (or some similar form of photo ID), three to six months of bank statements, and pay slips for employees applying for personal, non-business loans.

Customers can either attend at our offices or we can conduct all necessary communication and information/document gather by phone and email – this can be a real time saver for those working full-time or who would need to travel a long distance to our premises.

This will depend very much on the value of the loan and your credit rating. Some smaller loans may not require a deposit at all. We will assess this in our first communication with you and advise accordingly.

If you feel that you are – or may soon be – in a situation where you are unable to make the full repayments by the date due, you can contact us and we will review the situation with you and the lender. We will work together to achieve a workable solution.

This may not mean that you can’t get a loan. The best plan is to discuss it with one of our brokers and get the best advice for your individual situation.